Crappie Fishing Tips

Crappie Fishing Tips

Welcome to The Floppie Crappie's fishing tips. This will allow you the chance to learn the ins and outs of crappie fishing. From beginner level fishermen to advanced, we can all freshen up on our crappie fishing habits. 

#1 Crappies take time

We all know that one buddy who uses the 3 cast rule to find a spot. Crappie fishing isn't included in that. It is very important to land your jig where you want and slowly retrieve your cast. If you are not gaining the crappie's attention but know they are around try bringing your rod tip up and reeling in even slower. 

#2 Artificial bait really works

Through our experience fishing for crappies we have found that 1/8oz jigs are consistently the most effective. Personally with spinnerbaits I have found that brighter colors are always great to grab out of the tackle box. I would recommend these Panther Martin spinnerbaits for anyone who is looking to pull in nice sized crappie and try to eliminate the smaller stragglers. 

#3 Finding the right depth

Crappies are one of the many fish that like to school up anywhere between four to twenty feet of water. When the warmest part of the summer roles around you can anticipate on heading to deeper waters. Although your depth may show 13.8ft. keep your hooks a few feet off the bottom. 

#4 Jigs and other lures

Jigs are without a doubt the most popular artificial choice for taking crappie. With thousands of different colors, weights, and styles, many of them also come with an array of body types. Although my personal favorite is 1/8oz jigs, 1/4, 1/16, 1/32, and 1/64oz. are also very popular. When choosing which jigs to use this is more of a personal choice in which style you have more confidence in. Amazon offers many great deals on these jigs and is always where I purchase my fishing gear.

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