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Ryrythefishinguy is holding up 5 for his 5th crappie of the night on his kayak! 

Fun in the sun on the 4th of July! 

"If you have to use two hands to hold your fish, you're catching the right ones!" -Roger

Big fish for a little guy, awesome catch! 

Mr. Heisner showing off his monster small mouth bass. 

"My biggest catch ever so obviously I'm gonna post it. No shame in my bobber game" - Miranda

Blaine the crappie slayer and his catch! 

Kane was pretty excited when he caught this fish, but even more excited when he saw we featured his awesome catch.

Andrew and his buddy got after the crappies, awesome fish. 

She wasn't so sure about holding her bass. Great to see the kids catching fish! 

Tim caught himself a monster crappie! 

"Five Slabs all over two pounds Indiana Slabs are starting To Bite!" - Eric